Computer and Phone Repairs

Find PC Repair is a one place solution to all your Desktop, Laptop, mobile phones and other PC malfunctions. Any kind of troubleshooting with your devices can be dealt with by our trained team of experts who have outstanding experience in fixing all minor and major computer issues in no time.

Why Choose Find PC Repair?

You can surely wonder why you should invest your trust in us over other options available to you. Ours is a team with professionals who expertise in different areas of maintaining and fixing your device. You can truly rest assured that your device is being dealt with an expert who has plenty of experience in dealing with the problem at hand.

This isn’t the cases with most repair services where you pass the device over the counter to a vendor or seller who isn’t updated on the technicalities of the device. We make sure that only professionals deal with your device, so no further damage is caused, and the optimum solutions can be suggested in less time.

We cater to all kinds of device-related queries, including simple questions you might have in mind or some assistance you might need in installing a software or setting it up. This makes our interface a consultation and repair platform at the same time. 

Diagnosing the issues at the earliest and then proceeding to the best solution for your issue is what we believe in. Our solutions are reverted, at an average, within a period of ………….days/hours, to bring the solutions to you as quick as possible. 

We do not remain exclusive to any particular brand or product. Our solutions range to a wide variety of devices which is often hard to find under a single roof. We venture into both software and hardware solutions to be able to cater to the complete maintenance and solutions for your devices.

Why You Need a Professional to Fix Your Computer or Phone?

Some PC owners do not see the need to get professionals involved for simple fixes. It is common to want to rely on internet fix suggestions or seeking help from sellers who aren’t even trained about the technical aspects of the device. 

This might seem like a quick and cheap option for a fix, but in the longer run, the solutions tend not to be foolproof, which results in you having to seek help again and again. Incomplete knowledge of the product to fix one issue often results in other issues since all the aspects are not considered.

Thus, it is indeed advisable to have a professional on board to initiate any fixes with your device. Our team of experts undertakes a thorough approach before any solution is employed. We begin with a comprehensive diagnosis at first to suggest solutions that will not hamper the functioning of the device in any other way. In case, there are such clashes possible we make our clients aware of the same and try to suggest a better fix which can be a better investment in the longer run. These approaches are not possible without professionals backing up the system and, thus, you should bank on professional capabilities to bring the best solutions to the table.

Our Computer and Phone Repair Services:

iPhone Repairs

As it is commonly seen with Apple phones, the purchase and repair services are maintained very exclusively. We aim at resolving this issue by bringing the best iPhone repair services to you. Whether it is a cracked screen, headphone jack issues, a scratched camera lens or issues with the volume buttons, we provide fast and efficient fixes for all iPhone issues.

iPad Repairs

iPad repairs are a big hassle, especially in cities where the sale isn’t excessive. The screen cracks and button issues can be pretty expensive to resolve if the exclusive brand repair options are relied upon. To resolve this concern, we bring reasonable and long-lasting fixes for all iPad malfunctions, including water damage, microphone issues and screen damage issues along with many others.

Phone Screen Repairs

We understand your concern with frequent screen damages and running to stores to find which one provides a fix compatible with your phone brand. We provide solutions for broken, cracked and glitch phone screens for a variety of brands in the market. You can rely on us to deliver a long-lasting fix that too at a reasonable price rate.

PC Laptop and Desktop Repair Services

We cater to a wide range of fixes for Laptops and Desktops from different brands. This includes keyboard repair and replacement, motherboard fixes, DC jack repair, LCD screen and inverter replacement, Wifi and Bluetooth card replacement, damaged USB port repairs along with several other fixes.

Laptop Screen Repair

We also make laptop screen repairs available at viable costs. Our services cover the replacement for several brands including Alienware, Asus, Everex Fujitsu, Averatec, Compaq, MSI, Panasonic, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Gigabyte, Systemax, Toshiba, Acer and several others. Our expertise includes working with CCFL backlit screens, new LED-backlit screens, as well as AMOLED screens as per the requirement.

Virus and Malware Removal

Our services are extended to software protection and malware removal solutions. We help to identify foreign viruses and malware that tend to affect and modify your system in undesired ways. Our priority during the removal of these is to ensure that the malware can be eliminated without destroying or deleting your data. 

Computer Software Install and Upgrades

We also offer an array of software installations and upgrades for your PC, Desktop, Laptops, Phones and other devices. This includes optimization of Operating systems or upgrades on the same. We offer such upgrades for a vast range of OS including Windows 98, Windows XP, Vista and Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Data Recovery Services

One of our areas of expertise circles around efficient data backup and recovery for all kinds of devices. You can access a backup option to secure all your files to a cloud or disk for safety. In case there is an occurrence of data loss in unforeseen circumstances, we provide solutions to restore the lost data from a given date and time. Your data can be completely protected with an array of recovery and backup solutions.

Audio Jack Repair Services

Replacing and repairing audio jacks is often pretty complicated. The faulty jack needs to be removed entirely and replaced with involves a complex process of reassembly. There are also issues where the jacks become loose, and charging or use can be difficult. We facilitate DJ jack and port fixes of all kinds to resolve such issues. 

Hardware Replacement and Upgrades

Our solutions are complete with a provision of different kinds of hardware replacements and upgrades on the same. You can boost your RAM, Hard drive and optical disk drive along with accessing an upgrade on your processor card and graphic card as per your requirement. 

Our Work Process

Our work process is pre-planned so that the issue at hand with your device can be dealt with smoothly. We have a three-step process to find a suitable solution to any troubleshooting with your devices. 

1. Device Diagnosis:

Before any alterations are made to your device, we believe in carrying out a thorough diagnosis of the malfunction. Whether it is a software or hardware glitch, our experts believe in carrying out a detailed analysis to understand what the issues with the device are and if any of them are inter-connected. A misdiagnosis can often lead to further troubleshooting, and that is why we take this step very seriously.

2. Suitable Solutions:

Step two is finding a viable solution to the diagnosed issues. Our team is backed up by professionals who are experts in different aspects of maintaining a device. Armed with the knowledge in various domains, once the diagnosis is carried out, a credible solution is suggested by an expert member in that domain, after which our technicians start working t resolve the issue. 

3. Carrying out replacements and fixes as required:

With a solid blueprint and plan in hand, we convey the solutions to our clients and with their approval, start with the fix. In case any replacements are required, we also suggest the best solutions for the replacement available in the market. Following this ideology, we keep track of the proceedings and carry out smooth and efficient fixes for your device.

Why we stand out?

Find PC Repair stands out from all contemporaries in the market owing to the comprehensive team of experts that act as our backbone. Our foolproof methodology is something which is not found commonly in the gadget solutions market. We do not believe in handling gadgets shabbily and hence can deliver maximum results with viable fixes and long term solutions.

We provide a wide variety of services and solutions that are not only the optimum fixes for your device but are also made available at the best prices. All replacement and upgrade parts used by us are of the best quality to restore the functioning of your device to as good as the original.

Our believe lies in undertaking a well informed and thorough approach while fixing devices, and that remains to be our perspective in suggesting any solutions. Our team aims at bringing long-lasting solutions instead of quick fixes that will require frequent repair and this is what sets us apart from the range of contemporary solutions available out there.

Ours is a combination of premium solutions at reasonable rates, and we intend to keep our clients welfare a priority at all times.

We offer our clients the best facilities in the form of:

  • Credible fixes within days or hours to resolve your issues.
  • A free of cost consultancy to ensure that the fix/ solution is working for your device.